iPhone and the Ethics of Conspicuous Consumption

Is there anything wrong with providing excessively expensive gadgets to people with piles of cash? >>
Who Will Buy the $10,000 Apple Watch?

Apple is the world’s premiere smartphone brand, but that isn’t a secure spot. To cement it, the Apple Watch—especially the gold one—aims to turn Apple into a luxury fashion and lifestyle brand. Apple’s director of retail, Angela Ahrendts, has been down this road before, and I wouldn’t discount her savvy in making that happen.

The Apple Watch is made of parts found on other smartwatches, and performs some perhaps unnecessary tasks. I don’t actually want to make phone calls on my wrist, and while Apple’s third-party SDK is the most appealing wearable SDK yet, it’s all potential. The components aren’t there yet for an effortless wearable experience.

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