Security & Human Rights in Hostile Business Environments

Is integration of human rights into security arrangements an effective way for corporations to deal with hostile environments overseas? >>>

In Hostile Environments, A New Weapon: Ethics

…But rising instability is a problem burdening governments and businesses alike. As governments grapple with this problem on a global level, businesses operating on the ground must place a higher premium on security policies and procedures. This is particularly true in regions already prone to upheaval or places where the rule of law shows signs of breaking down.

But ramping up security has the potential to introduce new risks; particularly if it is not done thoughtfully. Newspaper headlines abound about companies whose security practices elicit accusations of human rights abuses and strained ties with local communities. In other cases, businesses outsource to security contractors and lose oversight. Security contractors have misappropriated their clients’ assets to commit financial crimes or buy into a system of corruption. Poorly considered security practices damage a company’s reputation—and ultimately its bottom line.

So how can companies address growing security risks without opening Pandora’s Box? One approach involves incorporating human rights into any security-related decisions. …

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