Are Rich People Rude?

business_ethics_highlights_3Here’s an interesting little test of who is more likely to stop for pedestrians, at a crosswalk: people in modest cars or in fancy cars. But note that the study doesn’t control for HOW the people in the fancy cars got them (e.g., entrepreneurial success, acting, inheritance). >>>

Does money make you mean?

From grumpy old misers to the wolves of Wall Street, Hollywood has always had plenty to say about the corrupting influence of wealth. But how accurate are the silver screen stereotypes – does money make you mean?

The road along the seafront in Los Angeles is lined with palm trees – skateboarders and dog-walkers stroll along, heading for the beach. And social psychologist Prof Paul Piff is spending the afternoon going back and forth over a pedestrian crossing.

Thanks to the high number of wealthy locals, there is no shortage of upmarket vehicles gliding past. The four-wheel drives, sleek sports cars and nifty hybrids are an essential part of his demonstration. ….

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