Companies: Don’t Brand *Yourself* As “Ethical”

business_ethics_highlights_2Yes! This! This is absolutely right. One of the silliest and most pretentious things a company can do is to label itself and its products as ethical. Much better to do what you do, go about it quietly, and let consumers judge. After all, don’t you think your competitors, too, think of themselves as going about business in a good and honourable way? >>>

Don’t brand your business with the label ‘ethical’

Handmade cosmetics retailer Lush is proud of the fact it does zero advertising. It’s also pretty chuffed about its ethics. It has every right to be, having won an Observer Ethical Award last year. The Dorset-based brand shuns animal testing, caps executive pay, donates to anti-fracking groups, pays its African suppliers a fair price and much else besides.

Would you know though? Not from its minimal packaging, that’s for sure….

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