Working Conditions, Depression, and Germanwings

business_ethics_highlights_2Were poor working conditions a factor in the recent crash? Clearly such conditions wouldn’t be a direct cause. But might they have discouraged the copilot of the jet from reporting his mental health issues? >>>

Germanwings 4U9525: The art of asking the right questions

The more important questions would look at the wider context of work in the airline. Germanwings recently had strikes as Lufthansa tries to impose a low wage no frills-system of wages and working conditions on their low cost branch, which competes with the likes of Easyjet or Ryanair. This is an object of fierce dispute and Lufthansa itself is in a middle of a merciless battle with their pilots. Just last week, thousands of flights on Lufthansa were cancelled due to a strike. This climate does not exactly encourage a young aspiring pilot – on the way to live his childhood dream – to expect an empathetic reception when broaching his personal issues…..

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