Crash Passengers Given Cash

business_ethics_highlights_2This is interesting. Air Canada is giving money to passengers who were onboard during a recent crash-landing, and — surprisingly — are not requiring the recipients to sign anything. The obvious suspicion would have been that the airline would hand over cash in return for signing some sort of waiver. But apparently that’s not the case. However, the move might not be purely altruistic, given that just a couple of days ago news came that a class action suit was being launched. Handing out cash now might be a relatively cheap way to buy some good will. >>>

Air Canada to give Halifax crash passengers cash

Passengers who were aboard an Air Canada plane that slammed to the ground at the Halifax airport last Sunday are receiving some financial assistance from the airline.

Air Canada has not divulged the amount, but various media reports say each of the 133 passengers on Flight AC624 are receiving $5,000…..

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