Conventional Wisdom on Tipping

business_ethics_highlights_2Tipping is pretty interesting, ethically. Strictly speaking, it’s voluntary. But in reality, there are strong social expectations (at least in North America). The guide below is far from authoritative, but interesting none the less. >>>

How To Tip A Waiter, Bartender, Barista, Deliveryman And Not Be Mean

Wouldn’t it be great if the answers to basic tipping questions were conveniently located on a single sheet of paper? Like, why the delivery guy just gave you a dirty look? Or, if there is a reason why the hotel bellman is lingering around the room, even though you had no bags with you? And are you cheap if you don’t leave a tip for restaurant takeout? Fear not, the good people of self-proclaimed “procrastination website” Wait But Why have compiled this useful infographic below to help out next time you find yourself in a restaurant, bar, coffee shop, hotel, barbershop or taxi with a bunch of small bills and a general sense of confusion…..

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