Why Are There So Few Women Among Top B-School Deans?

business_ethics_highlights_2Michigan (Ross) Dean explains it’s not as simple as sexism. >>>

A Business School Dean Explains Why So Few Women Have a Job Like Hers

Why are you one of only 10 female deans at the top 60 business schools?

It’s a really long road from the start of this profession to the deanship. If you count back, the women that are deans now got their degrees in the middle to late ’80s, [and] there just weren’t that many women in grad school [at that time]. At every stage, women drop out at a disproportionally high rate.

Can you sketch out that path to a deanship?

You have to get an undergraduate degree—that’s a process that’s at parity in this country—you have to get admitted into a doctoral program to get a Ph.D.; right there, there are differential completion rates. Then you have to get a tenure-track job as an assistant professor. There are differential success rates there. Then you need to get tenure; there’s differential success there. Then you need to become an academic leader, and by that time we are down to so few people.

So few people, or so few women?

So few women.

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