When Anti-Corruption Rules Hinder Government Procurement

business_ethics_highlights_2The federal government in Canada is pretty fond of its tough-on-crime stance, and in principle part of that stance is includes some fairly tough anti-corruption rules. But now those rules threaten to limit the number of competent companies that can bid for big government contracts, which may prove inconvenient to say the least. Is that a bullet the government will need to bite? Or will it need to change the rules? >>>

Canada entangled by its own anti-corruption laws

…In February, the RCMP charged Canada’s leading engineering firm with fraud and corruption for alleged crimes committed in Libya between 2001 and 2011.

And under strict federal anti-corruption rules, a conviction would automatically disqualify SNC-Lavalin from doing federal work for a decade and retroactively force it off the contract…..

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