John Oliver on the Unethical Dr. Oz

business_ethics_highlights_2Dr Oz misuses his professional credentials to promote bogus treatments on TV. That’s unethical. Oprah promotes Oz. That’s unethical. TV stations air him, and advertisers support him, both of which are unethical. Oz and the corporations that support him are a dangerous, anti-scientific force spreading misinformation that eventually is going to kill someone. Now that that’s clear, here’s comedian John Oliver making the point in his own inimitable style. >>>

John Oliver Obliterates Dr. Oz: The Worst Person Ever on TV in Scrubs

On Sunday night’s episode, the brash Brit focused his entertaining ire on Mehmet Oz, the controversial host of daytime television program Dr. Oz, once more. It was, of course, pegged to Oz’s ubiquity in the news of late, from being grilled by a Senate committee to a comprehensive study by the British Medical Journal that claimed evidence only supported 46 percent of his televised recommendations, contradicted 15 percent, and wasn’t available for 39 percent…..

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