Is Tesla the Most Socially-Responsible Corporation on Earth?

business_ethics_highlights_2Tesla’s Elon Musk is famous for aiming high, and going big. Now he wants to reshape domestic energy use, which is a substantial and admirable goal. Of course, lots of companies want to change the world. Musk has the technology, the profile, and the bankroll to make a serious stab at it. So the question: is social responsibility about intentions, or achievement? >>>

Tesla launches Powerwall home battery with aim to revolutionize energy consumption

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is trying to steer his electric car company’s battery technology into homes and businesses as part of an elaborate plan to reshape the power grid with millions of small power plants made of solar panels on roofs and batteries in garages…..

p.s. No we are not actually claiming that the answer to our question is “yes.” But we hope posing the question is thought-provoking!

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