$1 Billion Paves Way for Gas Plant on Aboriginal Land

business_ethics_highlights_2Gas and oil processing plants are touchy subject these days. Some of the controversy comes from the fact that such plants tend to be remotely located, and feed pipelines that tend to cross vast tracts of land. That means lots of land to spill oil on, etc. But in much of North America, it means needing to get the permission of the owners of that land. So you need land for the plant, and land for the pipes. And in some cases, as in much of Canada, ownership is unclear or contested, in some cases because of aboriginal (native) land claims. This fact, plus the huge dollar figure mentioned, makes the case below important. >>>

‘Game changer’: Gas company offers $1-billion to First Nations band in B.C.

The proponent of a liquefied natural gas plant on British Columbia’s north coast is offering more than $1-billion to obtain the consent of a First Nations community, a groundbreaking proposal that could establish the new price for natural resource development in traditional aboriginal territories…..

Updated, May 14, 2015: the aboriginal group in question has apparently rejected the billion-dollar deal.

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