Chinese ‘Car Babes’ Out of Work

business_ethics_highlights_2Many people object that using scantily-clad women to help sell your product is inherently objectifying and therefore sexist. Even though the women might well be participating voluntarily, critics worry that women (especially) often have too few choices in life, and hence get cornered into doing work that they should be able to turn down. This story is about a protest by women whose former job it was to dress up in skimpy outfits to help sell cars. Are they misguided? Is being a ‘car babe’ a bad choice? Should they be protected from such bad choices? >>>

Car babes’ dressed as beggars to boycott auto show ban

A bunch of car girls dressing like beggars take to the streets in Shanghai on April 26 to boycott the restrictions that ban sexy female models from auto shows….

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