Climate Warning Labels on Gas Pumps?

business_ethics_highlights_2A sticker on gas pumps to remind consumers of the environmental impact of fossil fuels? As one proponent says, “It’s just a sticker. It’s low-cost. It’s compelling.” But will it do any good? Is the comparison with warning labels on cigarette packages a good one? >>>

Warning labels at the pumps? Climate-change activist wants to stick it to gas retailers

An activist wants climate-change warning stickers — claiming effects from at-risk caribou to sick children — made mandatory on every gas nozzle. To the surprise of gasoline retailers, some Canadian municipalities are listening…

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  1. Saba Samanian

    It seems to me that forcing labelling may not only contravene constitutional law, but the fact that retailers are pressured to do it counteracts the aim of the initiative. If labelling was voluntary, however, I believe that it would send a much stronger, united message.

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