The McDonalds Coffee Lawsuit

business_ethics_highlights_2Remember that woman who won millions of dollars by suiting McDonalds when she spilled hot coffee on herself? Yeah, the editors of BEH know that story, as do most of their students. But is it true? Check out the version of the story cartoon-ized, at the link below. >>>

The Coffee Lawsuit: A True Story


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  1. Saba Samanian

    It is true that America has a victim complex. Unfortunately, in recent times, it has become common to “make an example” out of large corporations through extensive litigation, which has caused a severe backlog of the judicial system. This has not only prolonged people’s access to justice, but it is also often seen as being unnecessary since most people read about lawsuits like this one and simply label it “frivolous” and move on. If we want large corporations to start taking responsibility for their actions, I believe that using the law to do this is not ideal in every situation.

  2. Robert

    Read the actual facts of this case before calling it frivolous. The are many frivolous cases. This was not one of them but people think so just because it was made fun of in the media. Probably from the McDonald’s legal team in an effort to humiliate the woman. They deserved what they good.

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