Consumers Don’t Trust ‘Organic’ Labels

business_ethics_highlights_2Looks to us like consumers have figured out the truth about organics. Of course, consumers are wrong if they think there’s no formal definition at all. The term is regulated in both the US and Canada (and other places too). But the term doesn’t imply what some may think it does (e.g., it doesn’t mean “no pesticides”). >>>

LINK: Why Consumers Don’t Trust ‘Organic’ Labels

Organic products are all over grocery store shelves and menus, but consumers don’t have much faith in the “o” word, according to a study from market research firm Mintel. More than half of shoppers say they believe that labeling something as organic is “an excuse to charge more,” and more than one-third say they believe “organic” is just marketing jargon “with no real value or definition.”….

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