How do Corporate Sustainability Chiefs See Their Roles?

business_ethics_highlights_2Lots of modern companies have individuals in charge of sustainability or social responsibility. How do they see themselves, and their role in the company? Is their job to make themselves obsolete, by helping ensure that every employee sees sustainability or social responsibility as their job? Or will a company that has a “chief sustainability officer” continue to need one in the long run? >>>

LINK: Toward a Corporate World Where Sustainability Is an Expectation, Not a Goal (by Christine Bader, for the Atlantic)

In this series, I’ve explored how people in different corporate roles and functions can push their companies towards more responsible and sustainable practices. So who has the power to make real and lasting change?

As counterintuitive as it may seem, those who are the most effective may be the employees who are the least visible. ….

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  1. Kaitlyn O`Neill

    I believe that having employees in charge of sustainability is essential to the development of building an understanding of the importance of ethical decision making. CSR initiatives and principles are still young and need awareness and exposure. With the increasing implementation of CSR principles in higher education, I think that people from all functional areas are increasingly understanding the importance of incorporating ethical practices into all areas of their jobs. However, I don’t think that firms will need to eliminate sustainability roles as CSR principles gain exposure. It will continually be of importance for companies to keep up with the evolution of CSR, and take active measures to implement CSR principles into their strategies.

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