Similac: Another Irresponsible Shunning of GMO Ingredients

business_ethics_highlights_2Another company is joining Chipotle on the list of companies that is putting consumers’ irrational desires, and its own profits — ahead of social responsibility. The company is going to dignify anti-scientific fears of GMOs by offering a GMO-free baby formula. And it’s fair to assume that the company will charge a premium for this niche product. In other words, it’s going to profit from its customers’ lack of scientific savvy. Compare: some people mock lotteries as a “tax on the inability to do math.” In other words, lotteries are profit from the fact that most people who play them don’t understand what a bad gamble they are. The difference here, of course, is that non-GM products are especially popular in higher-income households, whereas lottery tickets are more popular in low-income households. >>>

LINK: Similac Advance Infant Formula to Be Offered G.M.O.-Free

The maker of Similac Advance, the top commercial baby formula brand in the United States, says it will begin selling the first mainstream baby formula made without genetically altered ingredients by the end of the month at Target.

Similac’s maker, the global health care company Abbott, said it would first offer a “non-G.M.O.” version of its best-selling Similac Advance, followed by a non-G.M.O. version of Similac Sensitive….

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