Suicides on Wall Street

business_ethics_highlights_2Wall Street is not a workplace setting likely to generate much sympathy, but the issue discussed below has much broader applicability. High-intensity workplaces can be exciting (and sometimes lucrative) and this can result in individuals taking on to much work and too much stress. That’s voluntary, but that doesn’t mean it stops being an ethical issue for employers to grapple with. >>>

LINK: Reflections on Stress and Long Hours on Wall Street

…Of course, it is always difficult to directly link a death or possible suicide to work conditions. Other factors can be in play, like family problems, medical issues or a history of depression. And in Mr. Gupta’s case, the cause of his death remains undetermined.

Still, the string of deaths on Wall Street appears to rise above the level of simple coincidence. Last February, Fortune ran an article titled: “Is there a suicide contagion on Wall Street?”….

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