Is Catering to Anti-GMO Ignorance Anti-CSR?

business_ethics_highlights_2Business ethicists and CSR scholars are quick to decry business firms and business models that exploit consumer ignorance. By the same token, ought they also to decry Chipotle’s and Whole Foods’ promotion of consumers’ scientifically-unfounded fear of GMOs? If not, why not? >>>

LINK: Corporate irresponsibility over GMOs (by Michael Gerson in Washington Post)

Pass any Chipotle these days — and it is my gastronomic preference to pass rather than enter — and you will see signs claiming credit for removing ingredients that contain GMOs (genetically modified organisms) from the menu. It is the first big chain to do so, and probably not the last. The business press has pronounced it “a savvy move to impress millennials” and a “bet on the younger generations in America.”

This milestone in the history of fast-food scruples (and of advertising) is also a noteworthy cultural development: the systematic incorporation of anti-scientific attitudes into corporate branding strategies.

What do you think?

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