Using Smartphones to Boost Compliance

business_ethics_highlights_2Getting every single one of a company’s employees to obey the law, all of the time, is harder than it sounds. Getting the right messages — the right rules, the right norms, the right guidance — in front of them regularly without being an intrusive nuisance is a challenge. So why not use a medium that employees are already glued to, like their smartphones? >>>

LINK: Ford Using Smartphones to Drive Smarter Compliance (by David Hechler in Corporate Counsel)

…The team concentrated on “less-effort compliance,” Richmond says: “We wanted it to be as easy as possible for employees to do the right thing.” Brainstorming about the best ways to reach today’s global and mobile workforce, the lawyers focused on a tool that brings the scattered masses together: mobile phones. What about an app?

That was how Ford’s compliance app was born. And if it isn’t the first of its kind, it’s at least one of the earliest. The app also gets high marks from two independent compliance experts….

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