When Corporations Are the Good Guys

business_ethics_highlights_2This NY Times opinion piece highlights the fact that corporations, for all the criticism they receive, have been forces for good. They’ve pushed, for example, for marriage equality, immigration reform, and for getting the Confederate Flag taken down from prominent places and removed from store shelves. Big corporations, the writer argues, have more often been on the side of justice recently than have elected politicians. >>>

LINK: The Sunny Side of Greed (by Frank Bruni in New York Times)

…Are these companies acting in their own interests? Absolutely. They’re trying to make sure that laws and local customs don’t prevent them from attracting and retaining the best work force. They’re burnishing their brands in a manner that they hope will endear them to customers.

But those efforts, coupled with whatever genuine altruism and civic obligation some corporate leaders feel, have produced compelling recent examples of companies showing greater sensitivity to diversity, social justice and the changing tides of public sentiment than lawmakers often manage to…..

What do you think?

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