Lesbian Couple Awarded $135k Over Cake Denial

business_ethics_highlights_2The blog entry below comments (critically) on the recent awarding of $135,000 in damages to a lesbian couple who had been discriminated against by a baker on account of their sexual orientation. >>>

LINK: Not Baking a Wedding Cake Leads to $135,000 Fine for Hurting Couple’s Feelings (by Scott Shackford in Reason)

…The second thing I want to alert folks to is the absurd way this order describes the emotional damage done to this couple. It’s something to keep in mind when we talk about issues like hate speech laws and trigger warnings and whether it’s appropriate to act as though the government is responsible for protecting people’s feelings….

It was a cake. A cake! She has not been rejected from society. There is no actual argument or evidence presented that their ability to live their lives fully has been impaired by one rejection….

What do you think?

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