Canadian Government Softens Anti-Corruption Rules

business_ethics_highlights_2Canada’s federal government announced last year a set of rules that would basically say that if a company was found to have been involved in something corrupt, they could be barred for a decade from seeking government contracts. Now that rule has been softened. >>>

LINK: Ottawa relaxes integrity rules for firms doing business with government (by Sean Silcoff in Globe & Mail)

…Under the new procurement rules, a supplier can still be barred from winning Public Works and Government Services Canada contracts for 10 years if it or any board members have been convicted or discharged in the past three years of a range of offences here or abroad. Those include bribery, money laundering or extortion. However, the decade-long ban can now be cut in half if the supplier co-operates with authorities and takes remedial action. ….

What do you think?

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