Is the Pope Initiating a New Middle Ages? Are Susty Advocates Helping?

business_ethics_highlights_2Joel Kotkin emphasizes that the most interesting views of the Pope’s aren’t about the environment, but about modernity. Has the Pope found in the sustainability movement not just environmental allies, but anti-modern ones, as well? >>>

LINK: GREEN POPE GOES MEDIEVAL ON PLANET (by Joel Kotkin in New Geography)

Architect Austin Williams suggests that sustainability, the new prayer word of spiritual greenism, “is an insidiously dangerous concept, masquerading as progress.” It poses an agenda that restricts industry, housing and incomes in a manner that severely undermines social aspiration. Indeed, Williams argues, greens and their allies—now including the world’s most important church—have created “a poverty of ambition.” Williams suggests the common green view is that humanity is “destructive and in need of reduction” rather than “a source of innovation, creativity, imagination and socialization.”

What do you think?

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