Ethics of Doing Business in Iran

business_ethics_highlights_2Iran is now open for business in a way that it wasn’t prior to last week’s nuclear deal. Western companies are now free to do business there; but how to do business is still an open question. To what extent should local customs be respected, when they conflict with established ethical business practice for North American companies? Iran is not unique in this regard, but the article below is still interesting. >>>

LINK: A Guide to Doing Business in Iran (by Leslie E. Sekerka for Fortune)

…Companies looking to enter markets throughout the entire Middle East will have to accept regional customs and traditions to achieve success. But understanding nuanced customs is no small feat; Middle Eastern ways of life vary from country to country. Businesses that pay attention to the nuanced concerns, beliefs, and values of partners in the Middle East will find themselves miles ahead of their competition….

What do you think?

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