Business Ethics Quarterly Celebrates 25th Anniversary

business_ethics_highlights_2The best traditional academic journal in the field of business ethics, Business Ethics Quarterly, is celebrating its 25th anniversary. BEQ isn’t the only journal that’s been around that long, but it is the go-to journal for the top scholars in the field. In the words of BEQ editor, Denis Arnold:

…The dedicated work of our current team of associate editors and our editorial board and authors has resulted in BEQ being ranked 1st of 50 journals in Ethics and 16th
of 110 journals in Business by the 2013 Journal Citation Reports. In addition, BEQ
has received a UK Association of Business Schools 2015 Academic Business Journal
ranking of 4 in the “General Management, Ethics and Social Responsibility” category.
To give this some context, of the forty-four journals on this list, four received the highest
4* ranking; three (BEQ among them) received a 4 ranking; while the remaining
thirty-seven journals received a 3, 2, or 1 ranking. BEQ is the highest ranked specialty
journal in business ethics, corporate social responsibility, and business and society….

In celebration of its anniversary, BEQ is allowing ungated (free) access to all the papers in Issues 1 and 2 of Volume 25, for the rest of the summer (2015). You can see them here:
Issue 1 (Jan. 2015)
Issue 2 (Apr. 2015).

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