What the NY Times Got Wrong About NY Nail Salons

business_ethics_highlights_2Outrage is such an attractive emotion, isn’t it? We all know there is injustice in the world, and so stories of injustice are easy to accept at face value. Remember that story, from back in May, about Abusive Working Conditions in NYC Nail Salons? The piece below, by an experienced journalist who happens to know that business well, casts more than a little doubt on its accuracy. >>>

LINK: What the ‘Times’ Got Wrong About Nail Salons (by Richard Bernstein in New York Review of Books)

…the Times drew its conclusions about the “vast majority” of workers at “almost any” salon in New York by interviewing a pool of mostly undocumented, untrained, or unlicensed workers like Ms. Ren, ignoring clear evidence that tens of thousands of salon workers do not fall into this category…..

What do you think?

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  1. Francis Bellamy

    The debate is still unfolding:

    (Michael Luo, NYT)

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