Leadership, Values, and Corporate Culture

business_ethics_highlights_2This is an interesting short commentary on the importance of corporate culture, and the ways in which leaders can influence culture. But note: for evidence about the role of core values, the researchers talked to “upper-level managers from Fortune magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work For.” But of course, it would also be important to have a control group, to find out whether managers at organizations that are bad to work for also happen to espouse the same beliefs. >>>

LINK: Leaders are key to creating the right corporate culture (by [Author] in Source)

…The results of this survey showed that the top three items were:
Leaders practice the core values.
Leaders follow core values when making tough decisions.
The organization has a set of core values.
The top three are inextricably connected. It would seem that one of the leader’s key roles is to insure that the core values of the organization are used in making decisions and that leaders’ behavior aligns with the values…..

What do you think?

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