Indian Rapper Slams Unilever for 2001 Wrongs

business_ethics_highlights_2Unilever CEO Paul Polman gets lots of positive press for what are seen as his progressive views on corporate governance and the “true” purpose of corporations. But not all has always been rosy at Unilever, from an ethics point of view. >>>

LINK: Indian rapper channels her inner Nicki Minaj to call out multinational corporation (by Evan Bartlett in The Independent)

Indian rapper Sofia Ashraf has released a new song in which she accuses Unilever of failing to compensate former workers who claim their health has been adversely-affected by mercury contamination.

Put to the beat of Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda, “Kodaikanal Won’t” recalls the story of a thermometer plant which closed in the southern state of Tamil Nadu in 2001….

What do you think?

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