Strippers’ Working Conditions

business_ethics_highlights_2This first-person account of the working conditions faced by strippers is well worth reading. It is interesting in its own right, as an exploration of the status of workers “on the fringe,” but also worth thinking about this as parallel to other kinds of work outside of ‘sex work.’ >>>

LINK: Stop Stealing From Strippers (by Antonia Crane in New York Times)

…Relegated to the fringes of the workplace, in part because of stigmas surrounding sex work, we are invisible. Clubs force us to work as “independent contractors.” We have no health insurance, workers’ compensation or other benefits. We have zero security. Strippers, or dancers, as some of us prefer, are women on our way to somewhere better or different, twerking topless in a club that will never have our backs — a club that will demand arbitrary fees from us and skim a share of our hard-earned tips all night, caring little if we are here again next week or if we vanish…..

What do you think?

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