Topless for Tips, in NYC

business_ethics_highlights_2Human beings are immensely creative in their attempts to find new ways to earn a living. Sometimes new ways of earning a living raise eyebrows. Sometimes they clash (or appear to clash) with regulations that were established to govern an altogether different set of behaviours. Sometimes regulators search (and search and search) for a relevant regulation, on the assumption that surely such behaviour can’t be legal. And sometimes, as in the case discussed below, they are opportunities to reflect thoughtfully on fundamental questions of freedom. >>>

LINK: Topless in Times Square: A Legal View (by JAMES C. McKINLEY Jr. in NY Times)

The young women approach tourists in Times Square and pose for photos, wearing nothing but a thong and a feathered headdress, their bare breasts painted with patriotic colors in a thin simulation of a bikini top. Then they ask for a tip.

Are they performance artists?

Are they panhandlers?….

What do you think?

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