Employment Regulations Hurting Caregivers?

business_ethics_highlights_2Sometimes regulations aimed to help a particular group end up hurting. Just how often that happens is a matter of dispute. And of course, the fact that (some) workers are hurt by a regulation designed to protect them doesn’t automatically mean it’s a bad regulation. For one thing, we need to look at net impact. For another, we also think about whether important rights are at stake; if they are, they might even outweigh a net negative impact. A case-by-case analysis is required. >>>

LINK: New rules meant to protect caregivers pose barrier to employment (by Joe Friesen for The Globe and Mail)

…Ms. Gruber Hersch said it’s her impression that the government wants to encourage employers to raise wages and hire Canadians for these jobs. But for those who come from abroad, she said, the new rules can inadvertently encourage a caregiver to stay in a bad employment situation because the time it takes to get approved for a new work permit will threaten her ability to work enough hours to apply for permanent residency…..

What do you think?

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