The Cult of Lulu

business_ethics_highlights_2The author of the piece linked below is anonymous, so feel free to take the piece with a grain of salt. But the description below, at least, makes Lulu Lemon sound like a cross between the Church of Scientology a bad caricature of Walmart. >>>

LINK: Lululemon Diaries: My Life in an Exploitative Libertarian Happiness Cult (by Anonymous for Jezebel)

Immediately after I started work at Lululemon, I realized that almost all their talk about empowerment and happiness was empty. The years I’ve spent there since have confirmed it: the company’s culture is delusional, hypocritical, and cult-like…

…And again, this practice of mindfulness could be good in theory. But when it’s warped by who is in charge, it’s full-on positive psychology meets Tea Party. Ayn Rand’s books are in our “core library,” and you can’t escape that pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps mindset. When a customer comes in and is rude to you, it’s your choice to be offended. It’s you not taking personal responsibility for the situation. If you point out something wrong or unethical, it’s labeled as your choice to complain…

…There are so many other legal gray areas. In general, you work more than you’re paid for because you’re not allowed overtime. Managers often work up to 20 hours a week off the clock. For management, very often at the end of a shift, either you have to go home and get in trouble because you didn’t finish what you were needed to, or you clock out and keep working….

What do you think?

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