The Leadership Challenge: Avoid Making Star Employees Miserable

business_ethics_highlights_2How can leaders live up to their obligations to star employees? The blog entry below takes a common personal crisis faced by many star employees and turns it into a question of leadership ethics. >>>

LINK: How companies can stop making their best employees miserable (by Chris MacDonald for Canadian Business)

The New York Times recently carried a provocative thought piece by Arthur C. Brooks called Rising to Your Level of Misery at Work. Brooks describes the phenomenon this way:

“Ambitious, hard-working, well-trained professionals are lifted by superiors to levels of increasing prestige and responsibility. This is fun and exciting—until it isn’t.”

Brooks presents this as a challenge faced by individuals—a crisis point in the career of the smart, ambitious worker. And he’s right about that. But it’s also an organizational challenge, and a leadership challenge. Here are a few thoughts on what leaders are ethically obligated to do to rise to that challenge…..

What do you think?

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