Should Organ Sales Be Legal?

business_ethics_highlights_2Many people die when the organs they need are not available for transplant. On the other hand, the organ trade has a bad reputation. Should we be persuaded by the potential of a more-ideal market, or deterred by the harms we’ve seen in markets thus far? >>>

LINK: Should People Be Allowed to Sell Their Own Organs? (by Jason Brennan (for) and Pedro García Otero (against) for

Brennan: Making kidney markets illegal is quite literally killing people.Many people think that markets in kidneys would have certain undesirable or exploitative features, but these problems can be overcome by designing and/or regulating the market appropriately….

Otero: If we begin from the premise that all human lives are equally valuable — only totalitarian states, such as communist and fascist regimes, argue otherwise — we would have to conclude that the free sale of human organs from living donors is impossible…..

What do you think?

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