The Populist Economics of the Pope and Donald Trump

business_ethics_highlights_2What do the Pope and Donald Trump have in common? They certainly disagree on immigration. But they agree on certain other economic questions. Both count as populists. Both, the author below argues, “see economics as a zero-sum game where wealth and jobs are won or lost, not created.” >>>

LINK: Letter from Rome: The Francis-Trump Populist Nexus (by Kishore Jayabalan for The Acton Institute)

…As Jeb Bush has reminded us, Francis is a spiritual leader and shouldn’t be expected to have a remedy for our economic ills. His concerns are of a naturally higher order, so the coherency of his economic remarks is not of primary importance. But, contra Bush, he still has the right and the duty to address our moral situation, even if it seems to involve “merely” material concerns. Man does not live by bread alone, but he still needs bread, and nothing produces bread like a properly-functioning market economy…..

What do you think?

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  1. Francis Bellamy

    I am not sure that Pope Francis sees economics as a zero-sum game. Greater equality, in fact, may promote popular growth and development. Greater income for the poor and working classes enhances opportunities for entrepreneurship, promotes a sense of efficacy, facilitates the pursuit of education and training, and contributes to private and public health, among other things. Reducing inequality may be a positive sum process, the very definition of win-win.

    And yes, I took Econ 101. Not everyone teaches it the same way.

  2. IF he sees it that way, that would be good to know.

  3. Francis Bellamy

    Solidarity, one of the principal elements of Catholic Social Doctrine, and the golden rule both imply positive sums.

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