Why Good People Do Bad Things (in Business)

business_ethics_highlights_2The commentary below points out that there’s no reason to think that the “bad guys” behind corporate scandals are, in fact, bad guys. What we know about the psychology of wrongdoing suggests that there’s no reason to think that it couldn’t happen to you. >>>

LINK: If you think you can’t be ethically compromised at work, you’re wrong (by Chris MacDonald for Canadian Business)

…Just how does this sort of thing happen? Are these corporate leaders bad apples? Do they lack a conscience? Are they devoid of normal human scruples? Are these corporate wrongdoings a whole different species from decent, ethical people like you and me? Not necessarily. Members of Mr. Parnell’s family, after all, testified that the man “has a heart always to put others before himself.” Frankly, I don’t doubt it.

The notion that nice, regular folks can, in the right circumstances, do very bad things is not exactly new….

What do you think?

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