Is it Ethical to Sell Blood?

business_ethics_highlights_2One important question for business ethics is the question of whether there are some things that simply should not be for sale. Most people agree that at least some items must not be sold: human beings and votes for example. Below, philosopher Peter Jaworski looks at the bad consequences that he says will arise from legislative moves to add human blood to that list. >>>

LINK: Commodifying Blood Donation Could Solve Canada’s Shortfall (by Peter Jarowski for Huffington Post)

Many people think blood is special in a way that means it shouldn’t be “commodified,” or bought and sold on a market. It is a basic human need. It’s not like the latest gadget or a pair of shoes; it is to be revered, not remunerated.

I’m glad we don’t think food is special in this way. If we did, imagine how many people would die of starvation, or would suffer from hunger.

This past December, the Ontario legislature preserved the sanctity of the exchange of blood through Bill 21, entitled the “Safeguarding Health Care Integrity Act.” Schedule 1 included provisions from Bill 178, the Voluntary Blood Donations Act”, which prohibits paying and receiving payment for blood, either directly or indirectly…..

What do you think?

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