Superhero Dolls — By Women, for Girls

business_ethics_highlights_2Good going, Mattel. Of course, the new line of women-designed superhero dolls are all still traditionally beautiful (see image below), and are all skinny (in a way that one needn’t be in order to be strong and fit). But still, this seems a move in the right direction. >>>

LINK: Mattel, Seeking a New Superpower, Gets Women to Design Action Figures for Girls (by Matthew Townsend for Bloomberg)

… a Wonder Woman designed by women for girls, not one crafted by men for boys. To show what a huge difference that makes, Kim picks up examples of the top-heavy Wonder Women and Batgirl action figures found on shelves today. “Beautiful, but really sexualized,” Kim says. “There’s a very direct emphasis on a womanly part.”

Kim, the toy designer, instructed her team to use gymnasts, dancers, and basketball players as primers for sculpting more muscular versions of the dolls and action figures. “We wanted to have this very strong, toned body, but keeping in mind that they are still in high school, so they’re not fully mature yet,” Kim says. “But they still look like they can save the day instead of being saved.” ….

What do you think?

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