CEO’s Health: Private Matter?

business_ethics_highlights_2Is a CEO’s health a private matter? Or do shareholders (and the investing public) have a right to know? Do you lose your right to privacy, when you be come CEO of a publicly-traded company? Are you effectively a ‘public figure’ in the relevant sense? >>>

LINK: United Seen Silent Too Long After CEO Said to Have Heart Attack (by Jeff Green for Bloomberg Business)

After Oscar Munoz missed a summit with United Airlines union leaders, the carrier told employees that their new chief executive officer “was unable to attend.”
He had suffered a heart attack, a person familiar with the matter said, and United didn’t confirm his hospitalization until almost 24 hours later. For a company that had just brought in a new boss to shore up its business, the lag time between the emergency on Thursday and its disclosure on Friday was too long, recruiters and scholars said…..

What do you think?

See also: Steve Jobs’ Health & a CEO’s Privacy (2011)

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