Scandals Shouldn’t Provoke Cynicism About Ethics

business_ethics_highlights_2The piece below essentially suggests that scandals, rather than depressing us about the state of business, should inspire us to work harder — to work with business — to help them integrate ethics into their operations. >>>

LINK: Don’t Get Rid of Corporate Ethics — Go Deeper (by Matthew Beard for The Ethics Centre)

…It’s easy to be cynical about unethical conduct. To be cynical is to suspect ill motives, moral failure and self-interest are inevitable in people – be they particular individuals, groups or the population as a whole.

In this sense the practice of ethics is diametrically opposed to cynicism. It is almost allergic to it. If ethics has any foundational belief at all it must be belief in the capacity of every person to act rightly, given the right circumstances and formation.

Given this, I strongly disagree with two articles written by Carl Rhodes in The Conversation recently…..

What do you think?

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  1. Fun to think of this on a parallel path, replacing “corporate ethics” with “government ethics,” and replacing “consumers” with “taxpayers and citizens”

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