Wrongdoing: Evil, or Incompetence, or Both?

business_ethics_highlights_2The piece below suggests a link — or a pattern, at least — connecting unethical behaviour with poor management. Of course, it’s just a hypothesis. Is supported by provocative anecdotes, but the tightness of the connection and the direction of causation (if any) is open for discussion. >>>

LINK: How bad management leads to bad ethics (by Chris MacDonald for Canadian Business)

…These anecdotes suggest at least several different connections between failures of ethics and plain business incompetence.

One connection involves resorting to unethical behaviour to cover up for mistakes or poor performance. Once you’ve found out that sloppy work has led to a poor product, you can either face up to it (but that’s inconvenient and painful and maybe expensive) or you can unethically (and maybe dangerously) sweep the problem under the carpet…..

What do you think?

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