Workers Rights and Interests in the Sharing Economy

business_ethics_highlights_2What does the future of work hold for the rights and interests of workers? The piece below looks at the benefits of the “on-demand” or “sharing” economy for those who work in it. The key question: of the various rights and privileges that workers have gained (through collective bargaining, activism, and regulatory changes), which ones protect workers from the greed and indifference of their employers, and which ones simply protect them? Which ones will survive the coming changes in patterns of employment?

LINK: We Must Protect the On-Demand Economy to Protect the Future of Work (by Oisin Hanrahan for Wired)

…when it comes to talk of “disruption” the people who are all too often overlooked are the service providers—those who are increasingly turning to on-demand platforms as a source of income. I’ve talked to many service providers who use our platform and asked them why they signed up. Overwhelmingly, the answer is that they wanted the independence and flexibility it gives them. The service professionals using Handy have the freedom to select the jobs they want. They can work the hours they want, whenever they want. They can take a week off, or more. Or they can take on more clients and jobs to build their businesses. In short, the platforms give them the power to craft a work arrangement that works best for them….

What do you think?

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