If sugar pills are outlawed, only outlaws will have sugar pills

business_ethics_highlights_2The UK’s National Health service is considering banning Homeopathy (though it’s not clear whether “ban” in this context means “forbid entirely” or just “refuse to pay for”. For those who don’t know this, here’s the deal: there’s absolutely no good evidence that homeopathic “remedies” work. Indeed, they’re based on principles contrary to established science. Since homeopathic remedies have no active ingredient, taking a homeopathic pill amounts to taking a sugar pill. Having the NHS pay for homeopathy is like having the NHS pay to have your doctor wave a magic wand over you.

If the NHS does as it should, that doesn’t mean homeopathy in the UK will go away. It will go underground. But at least that means putting a stop wasting public money on one category of fraudulent products. >>>

LINK: Homeopathy ‘could be blacklisted’ (by James Gallagher for BBC)

[Government] Ministers [in the UK] are considering whether homeopathy should be put on a blacklist of treatments GPs in England are banned from prescribing, the BBC has learned.
The controversial practice is based on the principle that “like cures like”, but critics say patients are being given useless sugar pills…..

What do you think?

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