HR Departments as Ethics Champions

business_ethics_highlights_2What’s the role of HR departments in corporate ethics? The piece linked below suggests a dual role. First, HR is often the “home” for ethics policies (e.g., codes of ethics) and ethics training. Secondly, HR is the source of a lot of fairly visible ethical decisions, and so HR can, just by doing what it does every day, do a lot to set the tone for ethical behaviour within an organization. >>>

LINK: Ethical Practice: HR Must Champion a Principled Culture (by Chris MacDonald for HR Magazine)

While there are no easy answers, it’s clear that HR can play a crucial role in creating and maintaining a culture that encourages people to do the right thing.

As HR professionals know, a culture is a shared set of beliefs, practices and traditions that gives employees a sense of “how things are done around here.” But what sets an ethical culture apart? There are four key characteristics…

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