Martin Shkreli: Untalented Loser?

business_ethics_highlights_2There will be books (the author of the short piece below is likely to be the author of one), and there will certainly be a movie. It’s hard to say what kind of movie it will be. A tragedy? A farce? Apparently Forbes once praised Mr Shkreli for his business acumen. But at this point, given the string of failures described below, that’s pretty much laughable. Shkreli may have been a talented con man, but there’s relatively little evidence that he had any real business skill or financial acumen. Just another famous loser. >>>

LINK: How Martin Shkreli, the Teen Wolf of Wall Street, Thrived (by William D Cohan, for NYT)

PONDER for a moment the strange case of Martin Shkreli, the 32-year-old former hedge fund manager who was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation at his Manhattan apartment before dawn on Dec. 17 and charged with securities and wire fraud. Even by the standards of the ego-driven, attention-grabbing, hedge fund industry, Mr. Shkreli’s alleged depravity stands out for its audacity and for his ability to keep the con going long after it should have been stopped dead in its tracks.

Mr. Shkreli is best known, of course, as the pharmaceutical entrepreneur who bought orphaned, lifesaving drugs and then jacked up their prices to astronomical levels…..

What do you think?

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