Mediocre Business Ethics is Good Enough

business_ethics_highlights_2How good is good enough? And is “good enough,” well, enough? The article below points to comments by Prof Hugh McLachlan, expressing a sentiment that deserves more attention. It’s important to realize that “basically decent” (rather than ethically-outstanding) businesses have done, through the power of commerce, a lot of good in the world. Also, it’s important to realize that in some cases “higher” standards may also push businesses outside the boundaries of the established ‘rules of the game.’ Compare: we all think sharing is good, but we don’t think it is good for football players to try to be “more ethical” by sharing the ball more with the opposing team. >>>

LINK: Business Ethics: ‘Mediocre’ is Good Enough.” (by Tristan Stewart-Robertson for Tomorrow)

The “ethically mediocre” should be encouraged as more consumers look for “just” businesses…

“Decent behaviour” allowed great contributions to society, argued Professor Hugh McLachlan of Glasgow Caledonian University at a panel of ethically driven businesses.

Prof McLachlan, of the school of business and society, said: “I don’t think we should disparage the average, the mediocre. We should applaud the ethically superlative, which I do.

“Sometimes, although businesses have moral responsibilities, there are limits to them. The morally superlative is great, but we can’t be all the time…..

What do you think?

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