Nestle Sued Over Child Labour

business_ethics_highlights_2Food giant Nestlé is being sued over the use of child labour in harvesting cocoa in Ivory Coast. Interesting issues here. Child labour is always bad, but not always wrong. (Note that Ivory coast is very, very poor, and children don’t always have lots of options.) There’s also an interesting question here about suing a non-US company in US courts for something going on overseas. >>>

LINK: Nestle is being sued for allegedly using child slaves on cocoa farms (by Rachael Revesz for The Independent)

The world’s largest food producer is to be sued over allegations that it used child slaves to harvest cocoa in the Ivory Coast in Africa.

Nestle SA has lost its bid to throw out a court case which has accused it of using child labourers for its chocolate products.

“Every time you eat their chocolate you are benefitting from child slavery,” … said [one critic]. “There is very little cocoa production that isn’t sourced in a bad way and it will take a long time to change that due to the nature of large corporations.”….

What do you think?

See also: the Ethics of Wages & Working Conditions, from the Concise Encyclopedia of Business Ethics.

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  1. Shazia

    I read in a case study in the Business Ethics book by Velasquez, that in Ivory Coast children are also frequently kidnapped and forced into the slavery for this Cocoa business. In that case, this perpetuation of slavery is one of the major ethical issue here. It is also important to see if Nestle invested something or anything to build the future of these children to make their situation better. Yes, child labour is not always wrong, but keeping things that way to propagate one’s business without any thoughts to the present and future of the thousands of children is wrong.

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