Fast Food and Animal Rights

business_ethics_highlights_2Does a move, by just one or two restaurant chains, toward cage-free eggs matter? A big move by a big restaurant chain sounds like a big deal. But even a big move might only amount to a ‘drop in a bucket’, given the scale of the overall problem. Is it possible that a change in business practices by just a couple of key players make a difference? >>>

LINK: How fast-food chains are pressuring big agriculture on animal rights (by Chris MacDonald for Canadian Business)

…But the move by these two [chains] (although not the first) could have knock-on effects in several ways.

First, it helps establish a supply chain (see above). Second, it signals to consumers that cruelty-free eggs can be had, even at a fast-food joint, and so it’s OK to expect that from a fast-food joint. Finally, it gives implicit permission to managers at other fast-food chains to live according to their own values. No one prefers eggs from unhappy chickens, but many managers may feel that competitive pressures won’t allow the alternative. Burger King and Tim Hortons have essentially signalled that they see a path to that alternative, and are willing to follow their conscience to it…..

What do you think?

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